Aren’t we rich already? | Rosa Koian’s take on the Marape vision for PNG

So true! We are rich already! I think it comes down to leadership and proper management – and this we see slowly taking place now. A healing is taking place over our country – we just have to take that pause moment and look at how far we have come – and see what we can do better to get that ‘richness’ overflowing out so people on the outside and us to people citizens can see that we are truly rich! God bless our PM and his team and all of us too as we work together to build a much healthier and wiser Papua New Guinea! Thanks for this post!

We all want change and we want that change to happen quickly.

Many of us feel deprived of certain opportunities and privileges and therefore miss or forget that we are rich already.

As a country we didn’t have to struggle to become an independent democratic nation.

Beyond that we are rich with our good Papua New Guinean ways, our cultures and traditions. Our people have in them various skills and talents that often are given freely. Our land holds rich mineral and natural resources that today in some parts of the country has become the cause our various divisions and tensions.

What we need is to appreciate this richness. Our constitution speaks of oneness, and respect for each other where we share equally the fruits out of our land and people. Yes we need to engage in the global spheres but our people are central to everything we want to…

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